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Friday, December 30, 2011

Watcher of Utopia Lectrik Prayer

I Gaze through Imagination's Window and see Eternity with the Eye's of my Soul.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Celestia Starseed Nibiru

Celestia Starseed Nibiru says, "Death is not a failure to stay alive but a culmination of one's life and necessary transition to another view in the Matrix."
A gift is bestowed upon the translucent sentinel container of Planetary Soul Herstory. (Outer-world history - Inner-world herstory)
The bead transistor being offered if taken-up will become another node of inner-standing & in-sight in the third eye of the crystal skull...

-Tales from Other Dimensions*

Friday, December 23, 2011

Illuminated Star-Child

It is here! It is us! We are free...To access the Divine Imagination...To create the reality we seek!

Happy Winter Solstice and a Divinely inspired Christmas Season!

Image: 3 seekers gaze at the Illuminated Star-Child - half Human and half Star.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Desert Mystic Christmas

Every Day we Arise into Time from the Deep Eternal of Night.
Every Day a New Opportunity to Share our Sacred Gifts.
Every Day a Culmination of what Has Been and the Stage for what Shall Be.
So let the Play begin, Again, and Again.

=Christmas Cards 2011=

Sunday, December 11, 2011


The Desert Mystic is Fired Up with a Dancing Heart and Illuminated Mind!
Join the Dance and Free your Mind!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Starlight Ascension

In the Inner Light of the Soul our Spirit Colors shine Iridescent upon the Holy Ground of our Being.

Monday, November 28, 2011

TEMPLE ILLUMINA and the Angels of Creation

TEMPLE ILLUMINA and the Angels of Creation

Beings of a more etheric substance drink directly from, and are nourished by, the ever flowing

liquid light of the Fountains of Creation. They are a constant source of regeneration and en-lighten-ment.

The Jeweled Light emanating from these beings has a special quality of re-wiring the neural circuitry into a higher order of synchronous resonance with all of Creation.

-from the 'Book of Illumination'

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Above and beyond our everyday lives we come upon the fabled Gate of Dreams,

Where crystalline memories ignite the Divine Imagination.

Leaving behind terrestrial personaes we begin to awaken into our Planetary Avatars.

Bringing forward our earthly lore, we exchange it for a taste of transcendental bliss.

The Food of the Gods.

Our souls now at rest, after spending much time in dedication to the worlds endeavor, we open to the well-spring of Infinite Becoming.

::: - Aheyialo - :::

Friday, November 18, 2011

MAP-MAKERS of a New Era

The Mayans were the Time Keepers of the Old Earth up until 2012. NOW = It is up to US.
It's the reason that many of the ancient cultures are releasing their oldest and most treasured teachings. So that WE might assemble them into a coherent system of intelligence evolved enough to steer our Planetary Culture into the New Era. We are mid-wives to the Birth of the Universe of the 5th Creation.

We are the Time Keepers of the New Earth. 11:11:11 was the first wave of time codes from the 2012 energetic reorientation manifestation. Pay attention to the digital clocks, they hold one of the keys to ascension.

Friday, November 11, 2011

11:11:11 Day of Universal Oneness

2012 - Awakening the Collective Dream

11:11:11 Day of Universal Oneness

-::: Oneness Meditation :::-

Imagine yourself as the Center of the Universe

Imagine your Heart as the One Heart in the Center of the Universe

Imagine now that you are the One Consciousness becoming

conscious of itself

You are the One

We are the One

We are One


-Becoming the Shift of Ages-

We must act as though it is up to us

to make the changes we seek by

becoming the change


We must act as though it has

already happened

and we are living

in the light of it

It Is Upon Us!


Awaken now to your

highest & deepest self


Perception is changed by

living into the

New Paradigm




Living it


Being it

---::: ((0)):::---

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Erial Celestial Soul Essence in Exalted Illumination

The Desert Mystic downloads the inner-formation of the Crystal Skulls vast store-house of ancient knowledge. For millennia the Star-tribes of Hunab-Ku have used these vessels because of their sacred geometry and harmonic resonance with the Star-maker. The Creator God of their space-time coordinates. Alla soon beela mondo asta kun-doon. Valhala din misarro anna bi vesta. Deep in the heart of the mystic lover are the seeds of everlasting joy and expansion....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Queen Mu of the Starship Aurora

Queen Mu of the Starship Aurora about to enfold herself within her Trans-dimensional Vehicle. Her ship is alive and molds itself to suit her being-ness. Her crew consists of 9 others like herself. Actually they are herself (clones), because the ship won't allow anyone not her to climb aboard. They think as one, and steer as one, and guide her to her destinations in the far away.

:::(- Tales from Galactik Oceans -):::

Full-color Artist Prints available from the artist.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hyperdimensional Crystal Court

Oh how I long to be reunited with my Andromedan Star Family. This is me before the great lord of light Metatron. Oh how I long to stand in the blooming hyperdimensional crystal court of the most majestic and supreme Andromedan council. The turbo vibrant pillars are anchors for the rest of this realm of vast consciousness, storehouses of akashic fields of the most exquisite white crystalline light. Humanity has yet to grasp the wonder of the most magnificent world of the new jerusalem in it's pure and incorruptible nature. Glory be to G-d MOST HIGH!

The Visible Language of Magical Songs

Ultra-Terrestrial sharing the Star Codes Codes to the Seekers of Utopia. (((:::>*<:::)))

The Star Codes are here to assist us in aligning with Galactic Cultures in order to further facilitate the inner transmissions of higher level & soulful technologies for the Conscious Evolution of our species.

In this case a thought-generated doorway is being shared with the two seekers. As it changes form according to the thought patterns they have, they begin to understand the nature of the game being played. The guardian then telepathically gives them another clue.
In order to proceed to the next section of the road leading to the Temples of Etheris they must translate what they see into a song. They will then sing this song back to the temple guardian in such manner as to act as vibrational keys to the door. If the refrain is specific enough of a frequency to unlock the gate-way, then it will be added to the *Omnium's library of Magical Songs.
Another interesting fact is that the seekers staff will remember the song and play it back anytime it is needed if it's master forgets it.

)(- from "In search of Wonder" - )(

*Omnium - The Universal Holographic Library of Infinite Intelligence. (UHLII) In some esoteric literature it is called the Akashic Library 0r Noosphere.

Friday, October 28, 2011


To commemorate the World Day of Prayer for Peace I dedicate this image called Watcher of Utopia Prayer Activation. In worlds beyond our own acts of worship and supplication can be seen as visible energetic signatures. Having faith is the process of believing before seeing, and sometimes never experiencing the ultimate fruits of our actions in this dimension of existence. Yet, if we are awake we cannot miss the ever evolving connections to spirit showing us signs. From synchronicity to dreams and visions, our soul's journey comes alive. ::: ((- U -)) (( - R -)) (( - I - )) :::

May your life be a living prayer of appreciation for the blessing of being and the opportunity to make a difference.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When the Darkness comes upon you

When the Darkness comes upon you
And the Light inside turns away
Open to your Souls Unfolding
And It will soon enough show the Way...

*poems to heal an open heart*
-Legends of the Fall-

When Light becomes Darkness

When the Light becomes Darkness
And the Darkness becomes the Light
Night becomes illuminated
with your Inner Sight*

*from poems made up just now...
-Legends of the Fall-

Sunday, October 23, 2011

In the deepest darkest night of night

Who knows what will bright delight

As black is black

So white is white

Come my darlings

Into the Temple of Light

-Stories of the Fall

Friday, October 21, 2011

White Sentinel Star Codes

Left behind as clues to the first appearance of the Ultra-Terrestrial Galactic Ambassadors (UTGAs) were the Star Codes. As living energetic symbols of enfolded realities, the codes were designed to build an etheric blue-print inside the mind of the observer. As more of the codes were found a greater and greater context was being built to innerstand (deep inner understanding) the UTGAs. Because the new beings were of such a higher vibratory frequency their language and appearance were often deceiving. Not that they were being purposefully elusive, but they were truly of a different order of existence. Each person experiencing them would come away with a whole different picture of what they saw and heard. In some sense however, each one was right, for them. Because among other things the Ultra-Terrestrials were Universal Beings*. Therefor they were instantly understood by everyone on an energetic level of resonance. Yet this was just the outer layer of a multidimensional shell of who and what they actually were.

So in essence, the more one absorbed the Star Codes messages the more they would experience the true nature of the visitors....Or at least a truer nature.

*Crystal Starseed Chronicles

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Utopian Dreamseeds

Ultra-Terrestrial sharing the Paradise
Codes unlocking the secrets of the Utopian Dream Seeds. ::: }{ ::: {} ::: }{ ::: )O( ::: }{ ::: {} ::: }{ :::

As we go through the transition from one world epoch to another it is necessary to remain cognizant of the ground situation even as we absorb the new frequencies from our Star Fathers and Mothers. These energies are merely vibrational potential until they are received by various portions of the brain and de-coded into the predominant orientation of the receiver. Each person sees and experiences the levels that their consciousness will allow.( they see what they can handle) For instance an architect will see a fresh design for a building, where as a dancer will see a new dance possibility. As a Celestial Visionary Artist I see a grand story-line spanning the universe and challenging our very notions of reality itself. I also see that our challenge in this generation is to change our world view in record time as our planetary situation grows ever more complex and threatening. To become a galactic species, let alone a universal one, is no easy feat, and yet we are witness to a window of opportunity the likes of which a planet rarely experiences. A super confluence of cosmic alignments are at play that include activations of sacred sites, the opening of dimensional portals, and the possibility of mass telepathy on a global scale. This and much more harkens us to awaken to all of our senses as quickly, but gently as we can, to a new world of potential and action within our chosen disciplines. ::: {+} :::

To be continued...

:::-Starseed Chronicles-:::

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Journal of Enfolded Rapture is the first of 7 possible published journals in which I offer an overview of my life and works. Everything from previous years diary entries, biographical information, and artwork, including both black and white & color pieces for special projects, is up for possible inclusion.
For instance, I found this early description of what I mean by "enfolded rapture" in my 1995 Malibu Journal. It was just after receiving a Sacred Vision of immense artistic import.
"The human mind IS enfolded rapture. Some kind on centrifugal force of inward beauty and fractal intention. I am dumbfounded at the sheer vastness of the human imagination. The utter incomprehensibility of it's hi-ways and bi-ways... ever proceeding and receding into seeming infinities of form. - The ultimate reward of patience and energy conservation is the ability to stalk and trap for oneself Visions of Eden."
(By Visions of Eden I mean the most beatific and astonishing scenes from the Divine Imagination.)
Finally and most importantly I am publishing this journal to keep my momentum high for the Visionary Storybooks that I've been working on for many years.
To be continued....

Thursday, October 6, 2011

once upon a time on a Temple Planet somewhere in Arturus Minor, there was born a Celestial Starchild. She was a Universal Being of noble birth and the first of her kind. And all across the Universe she could be felt as a frequency of peace, fulfillment, and joy. Because you see, all hearts are One, and no separation exists between kindred spirits. No matter how far flung they may be across the starry ocean of infinity.
Come now and be as a child again, and listen to a tale as old as time and as new as the first light of morning... Listen, listen closely and don't look away, this could be the first and last of your Everlasting Day.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Crystal Starseed Chronicles

On the road to Utopia two Ultra-Terrestrial Galactic Ambassadors :::
meet and exchange energetic synthesis of their respective quadrants. Together they create a visible sacred codex that is a seed pattern and key frequency for emerging Galactik Civilization.
The darkened earth in the background is a reminder of our place in the Federation of Planets at this time. 2012 will mark the unveiling of the plan for Terra and our solar system. Stay tuned to this Channel for updates...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

2012 is Complete

2012 is finished, complete. The energy potential matrix of new understanding has been fully activated. The air is charged now with everything needed to orient ourselves for contact and conscious evolution within the 2012 energetic architecture.

Image: Window into Eternity.

Final I AM Presence poster

Here is the final image called the I AM Presence. I've also included the detail image to show how it looks up a little closer. I love the vibrancy and aliveness of this picture. Sometimes I'll work an image longer than usual, and even sacrifice time on another image or my life, to bring one into a higher place of illumination. In the long run I feel it's worth it to have something shine so brightly. The human spirit is healed and inspired by such light.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ultra Celestial revealed

I usually don't get this excited about an image except when I feel that I've broken ground for myself artistically and see a whole new level emerging. A renewed creativity is part of it, but the main thing is that I know I've gone deeper into the Divine Imagination.
There is a palpable sense that I'm actually entering a "real" domain of being existing in some higher plane of existence. Many times it is a departure of my usual techniques and I feel like I'm free falling into a new reality.
In the case of this image I remember having a dream a few years ago of sitting in a room by a fireplace. Everything was pretty much the usual mundane reality until I looked up at someone sitting across from me. I was awestruck and in aethetic shock. He(she) was so resplendant with living jewels and energy pathways running up and down the body in streams of colored light, that I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And it was like I knew this being somehow. I never forgot this encounter and did several drawings at the time to celebrate the dream-vision. So now as I look at, and work on, this latest Celestial Soul Portrait of my friend Arcturus RA, I realized that the energy muse from the previous dream was coming through me now in this image. I also realized that it took me a while to obtain the skill-set necesary to pull it off at all. Thank God for cellular memory :))

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A new breed of Ultra-Celestial

Another great modern mystic and ascended master artist has left our kin. Sir Robert Venosa has become an ancestor. He, along with Alex Grey, assisted my soul's evolution many times and stood in the gap when all was seemingly too dark to continue. This is the power of art that it goes to the very core of our being and strikes a bright light that we may see our inner terrors and face them with courage and fortitude. To make the nightmares and epiphanies into art, and then add them to our collective visionary heritage, is a worthy way to spend our precious time here. To be allowed to see through their eyes and become a new thing by doing so, is to stand on their pioneering strength and move the culture a liitle bit further into the light.

Today after a difficult time of processing Roberto's passing, a new energy came into me that shattered and replaced the slighlty morbid sense of loss. Like a crysalis opening into a neworld I began to see more deeply into my work and took up a project that was slightly stagnant. And I saw once again that the Eternal Imagination always awaits us when we are ready to enter there. I knew with certainty that there is something that can await us, and enter us, that is so soul stirring and blindingly ecstatic that words trail off in the fairy dust of dreams to awaken a kind of 5th dimensional seeing.
I wrote this facebook post after creating a teaser image for the full image that was coming through me so passionately...

Get ready now. A new breed of Ultra-Celestial has entered our sphere. I bring him forward in stages as not to frighten the inner child. It may scare one to think that the intense joy within could be sooo good that you would cry out every day for the Incredible Brightness of Your Being...be ready! Do not turn away. It is true!!!

Tribute to Robert Venosa

In light of the passing of the extraordinary Visionary Master Artist Robert Venosa I wish to share this tribute by Alex Grey.

There is an element of our being that is timeless. No matter what happens to us in our lives, we carry within us a seed of immortality, an eternal flame that transcends the flesh. We burn through our bodies like a candle and shine for our brief duration. Mystics glimpse the heavens beyond the veil of space and time. They see the eternal luminous interconnectedness of all beings and things that undergird our manifest dimension. They recognize the vast, empty openness of the transcendental ground shared by all beings. This is our transhistorical nature. A realm of total creative freedom, ecstatic love and ultimate safety that is our collective Godself. Some artists paint their theophanies, introducing us to our own higher deeper dimensions.

Our friend and Visionary brother, Robert Venosa, has died. Sad news to all in the visionary community for whom he was an inspirational mentor and fountainhead. Roberto's artwork evoked the glistening jewel-like imaginal worlds inhabited by luminous celestial angels, with an utterly unique and finely crafted style. His work became familiar to an international audience through exhibitions and appearances, through his monographs, Manas Manna, Noospheres, and Illuminatus, through countless magazine and newspaper articles, plus his web presence. Many came to know him through the classes in "Painting the Fantastic" that he co-taught with his beloved partner, the distinguished artist, Martina Hoffmann. Venosa was a much sought-after keynote speaker at festivals and congresses of like-minded visionaries. He introduced H.R. Giger to Salvador Dali. He studied painting with the late great Mati Klarwein and the venerable Ernst Fuchs, later exhibiting with them as peers. Bridging the world-wide Visionary Art community, Venosa was an emissary of the power of imagination, a courageous artist willing to declare that his visions had sometimes been catalyzed by psychedelics. We send healing prayers to all that suffer from the loss of Roberto, especially his family and dear Martina who devotedly gave herself to his care.

We love you, Roberto. We bet heaven looks just like you painted it!

Each year, before the August Full Moon ceremony we honor members with a special meeting and barbecue. This Saturday, at 4PM, Alex and Allyson will lead a tour of CoSM highlighting the improvements and visions. Come early to the Full Moon on Saturday, become a member of CoSM and take a stand for Visionary Culture. Together our community will co-create the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.


Alex and Allyson

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The I AM presence poster.
Sometimes an image doesn't work the first round I approach it, but I usually store them in my computer anyway just in case. Later I may return and attempt to breathe some life into it and take it up another level. This is the case with this picture I call 'Beacon'. It was originally commissioned by the Children of the Sun Foundation, but languished in the "we might do this with it" category for some time. I left it alone for awhile and came back to it recently to see if I could actually get to like the image. Something was wrong from the beginning, yet I couldn't figure out what it was. Then it came to me. It was too etheric, one could hardly get close to it to access it's beauty. I decided to add some sexiness to it and create a new vibration sensation! The top one is the final version and the bottom the first takes.


Underneath the flesh of existence is an Eternal Soul here for a purpose.

Paying attention through time, one can begin to see and experience that which is missing.

It is the soul's purpose to create and become that missing piece.

In it's unmanisfect perfection it yearns to feel this perfection in physical form,

so it spends a lifetime attempting to find it.

This yearning for wholeness is the same motivation for the artist, who uses his tools to

describe this process.

Like chipping away the stone to free the perfect form, the true artists of life sculpt their vision.

In the end it can only be an approximation, and yet this work can be a "Work of Ages" if consistantly approached with sincerity and perserverance.

- Erial's Bedside Journal Nov 08


Your life is an ascending wave of purpose and possibility!

It yearns, burns, and is earned to be told!

It is the Universal Story - out of the darkness of limited belief and negative focus & into the light of infinite potentials realized!

The Uni-Verse (the ONE song) becoming conscious of itself.

Endlessly returning in the living spiral of your destiny fulfilling itself endlessly.

Conscious Evolution Incarnate!

-Erial's Bedside Journal Dec 08