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Friday, October 21, 2011

White Sentinel Star Codes

Left behind as clues to the first appearance of the Ultra-Terrestrial Galactic Ambassadors (UTGAs) were the Star Codes. As living energetic symbols of enfolded realities, the codes were designed to build an etheric blue-print inside the mind of the observer. As more of the codes were found a greater and greater context was being built to innerstand (deep inner understanding) the UTGAs. Because the new beings were of such a higher vibratory frequency their language and appearance were often deceiving. Not that they were being purposefully elusive, but they were truly of a different order of existence. Each person experiencing them would come away with a whole different picture of what they saw and heard. In some sense however, each one was right, for them. Because among other things the Ultra-Terrestrials were Universal Beings*. Therefor they were instantly understood by everyone on an energetic level of resonance. Yet this was just the outer layer of a multidimensional shell of who and what they actually were.

So in essence, the more one absorbed the Star Codes messages the more they would experience the true nature of the visitors....Or at least a truer nature.

*Crystal Starseed Chronicles

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