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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Having recently returned from the 2012 Quantum Leap Event (in Burbank, Cal.,) my awareness of all the hubub concerning this date is fresh on my mind. I wrote the following piece back in 06 with a few minor edits today. I call it a mytho-poetic speculation because it mixes a modern myth with future science and metaphysics, hopefully written somewhat poetically. There are several stories that I'm writing that feature this kind of thinking and it's a great sci-fi/fantasy idea if nothing else. Although it must be said, that I think very realistically if this isn't happening, then something else just as strange and wonderful IS. We are definately not in metaphorical Kansas anymore, if we ever were. - Erial the Aquarian

addendum: It occured to me after adding this image that visionary art in any form can be considered a sacred site(sight). A confluence of spiritual energy activating potentials within an observer.
As our planet travels through the Photon-belt, synchronistically with the ascending wave of historical novelty, gateways to other worlds are opened. Concurrently as the earth's vibrational field speeds up, inhabitants of various realms and dimensions beyond the planet, become more visible in dreams, visions, and encounters. The build up of psychic energy within the human sphere, and alignments to a greater spiritual reality, create the possibility of an evolutionarily implosive moment in Time. Some may call this Armageddon while others see it as an Omega Point. The 60's was the first "shock-wave" from this future "Omega Point" or "Galactic Synchronization." The Harmonic Convergence was the second of this time period, and the Millennium the third, and most likely the final echo from the core event of 2012.
When Sacred Sites are reactivated they form vortexes which link up energetically to all of the Sacred Sites throughout the planet. Like vibrational acupuncture points all lighting up together creating a unified field of Geo-psychic Awareness. Crop Circles are also vortexes of potential awaiting the right consciousness to "read" their Cosmic Messages and download the information to the shared Morphic Field or Akashic Record.
Then as the human psyche is tuned harmonically to spirit, and planetary synchronicities become a regular occurrence, the potential for planet wide synchronous events is possible. When this happens the group harmonic created becomes the "Gaian Pattern" or "Planetary Mind." This can them work itself into a galactic sized event of great magnitude. 
It's also speculated that on or around this date of 2012 the earth will be in alignment with the Great Central Sun or Galactic Core. If a galactic sized event should occur then it's possible for a full scale "Universal Pole Shift" to take place. No one is quite sure of the potential of such an event or it's effects on human consciousness. All we know is that an Awakening is taking place and the earth is now beginning to see itself from the perspective of a visitor from  outer space. Will they be friendly visits of threatening ones? The key to this is what we hold most dear within our collective hearts and minds. 
Thus what this new era of possibilities brings, ladies and gentlemen, is within each of our hands. The future is yet unwritten. Be the future YOU want to see. ;))

Erial Ali- NOHO studios