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Monday, November 28, 2011

TEMPLE ILLUMINA and the Angels of Creation

TEMPLE ILLUMINA and the Angels of Creation

Beings of a more etheric substance drink directly from, and are nourished by, the ever flowing

liquid light of the Fountains of Creation. They are a constant source of regeneration and en-lighten-ment.

The Jeweled Light emanating from these beings has a special quality of re-wiring the neural circuitry into a higher order of synchronous resonance with all of Creation.

-from the 'Book of Illumination'

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Above and beyond our everyday lives we come upon the fabled Gate of Dreams,

Where crystalline memories ignite the Divine Imagination.

Leaving behind terrestrial personaes we begin to awaken into our Planetary Avatars.

Bringing forward our earthly lore, we exchange it for a taste of transcendental bliss.

The Food of the Gods.

Our souls now at rest, after spending much time in dedication to the worlds endeavor, we open to the well-spring of Infinite Becoming.

::: - Aheyialo - :::

Friday, November 18, 2011

MAP-MAKERS of a New Era

The Mayans were the Time Keepers of the Old Earth up until 2012. NOW = It is up to US.
It's the reason that many of the ancient cultures are releasing their oldest and most treasured teachings. So that WE might assemble them into a coherent system of intelligence evolved enough to steer our Planetary Culture into the New Era. We are mid-wives to the Birth of the Universe of the 5th Creation.

We are the Time Keepers of the New Earth. 11:11:11 was the first wave of time codes from the 2012 energetic reorientation manifestation. Pay attention to the digital clocks, they hold one of the keys to ascension.

Friday, November 11, 2011

11:11:11 Day of Universal Oneness

2012 - Awakening the Collective Dream

11:11:11 Day of Universal Oneness

-::: Oneness Meditation :::-

Imagine yourself as the Center of the Universe

Imagine your Heart as the One Heart in the Center of the Universe

Imagine now that you are the One Consciousness becoming

conscious of itself

You are the One

We are the One

We are One


-Becoming the Shift of Ages-

We must act as though it is up to us

to make the changes we seek by

becoming the change


We must act as though it has

already happened

and we are living

in the light of it

It Is Upon Us!


Awaken now to your

highest & deepest self


Perception is changed by

living into the

New Paradigm




Living it


Being it

---::: ((0)):::---

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Erial Celestial Soul Essence in Exalted Illumination

The Desert Mystic downloads the inner-formation of the Crystal Skulls vast store-house of ancient knowledge. For millennia the Star-tribes of Hunab-Ku have used these vessels because of their sacred geometry and harmonic resonance with the Star-maker. The Creator God of their space-time coordinates. Alla soon beela mondo asta kun-doon. Valhala din misarro anna bi vesta. Deep in the heart of the mystic lover are the seeds of everlasting joy and expansion....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Queen Mu of the Starship Aurora

Queen Mu of the Starship Aurora about to enfold herself within her Trans-dimensional Vehicle. Her ship is alive and molds itself to suit her being-ness. Her crew consists of 9 others like herself. Actually they are herself (clones), because the ship won't allow anyone not her to climb aboard. They think as one, and steer as one, and guide her to her destinations in the far away.

:::(- Tales from Galactik Oceans -):::

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