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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Crystal Starseed Chronicles


an Artist in Search of the Wonders of Existence. 
I bring back what I find into Consensus Reality
 to Seed and Grow Visionary Intelligence on our Planet.
Reality can be Re-Created in our own 
Highest Image, and Artists have a particularly important
 Role to Play in this Transformation. 
And we are all Artists of Consciousness.

Erial is an Eco-Mystic, Cosmic Storyteller, and 
Visionary Artist, who's work heralds 
the emergence of Galactic Culture and 
 Planetary Civilization 


Friday, November 16, 2018

In Search of Wonder Story Notes

I’ve been developing an Art Style and related Storylines for over 20 years now. As far as World Building goes I have a very detailed series of journals where I’ve designed a fairly complex Universe of characters and character motivations. The main story I call “In Search of Wonder.”
Essentially the protagonist is on a kind of Hero’s Journey through Other Dimensions in search of  the Galactic Oracle. There are many such oracles throughout the game, but they are mostly only reflections of the main oracle. To find the oracle, and become it’s energy/information is the point. But this is not a simple task, and the task demands a lot of attention to detail and nuance. The main character meets other characters who are the guardians of specific domains or dimensions, and must interact with them to get what he’s after.  And each domain has a unique version of the Galactic Oracle.
 The other factor is that the game would have a lot of color. And very meaningful color as it represents the various qualities of experience that the players and characters in the game are having at any given moment. 
So, although the drawings, paintings, and writings that I’ve done so far have been for a graphic novel, I feel confident that it can be translated into a fun and intriguing game as well, where new concepts are discovered and fresh ideas introduced.

~ Erial Ali
Awakened Dream Studios
July 2017

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I AM here to raise the collective vibration of the planet

Yesterday I heard Seth Godin talk about blogging for a number of years in a row and it inspired me to get back to this style of posting content and letting myself be myself without looking at all of the other posts before and after me on social media. Here I can create content with the soul  purpose of  delivering value. I’ll start with something I wrote the other day as part of my Bio for Behance.com 
It has to do with my unique value proposition and the problem I’m trying to solve with my work.

I AM here to raise the collective vibration of the planet through the sacred use of art, ideas, and story. Through the conscious use of higher states of awareness I create portals into alternate realities & higher dimensions.