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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

There's a Jewel in every Moment

Every morning we wake up with a potential to alter our destiny and the destiny of our world. There is a charge that has built up  within us since we were born (and before) that needs to be grounded in order to manifest. Each day is a a micro-cosm of our souls expression. A fractal hologram of our core message to the universe. - Stalking your message through time and circumstance in "radical innocence" is the jewel of spontaneous creation and awareness we seek - to share.
Stalking the Wild Unity Orgasm -
Finding and becoming the Jewel in every Moment is seeking the Philosophers Stone or Transcendental Object. There is a sweet spot we can ignite, creating unity and release into the Collective Dream Consciousness. Energetically we see a convergence of our "charge" that peaks at certain moments, or set of moments, into a flowering of self-expression. Everything proceeding and following this dis-charge trails off into the ethers (Divine Matrix) in sacred geometric arcs whose shapes are determined by the core revelation.