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Sunday, June 15, 2008

BIO-DYNAMICS FROM 2004 (edited 08)

Artist, Writer, and Storyteller Erial has been making Art for as long as he could hold a pencil. 
Each person's life can be seen as a mini Evolution of Consciousness. One's own consciousness mirroring the Evolution of Consciousness itself. Although this process need not be a linear one.

My philosophy flowers out from the central idea that we're imbedded or in-folded within layers of Reality Fields at the core of which is a Mystery to be explored and shared in Story, Art, and Myth-making. Life itself is a Journey of Awakening to greater and greater levels of Awareness to our Inner and Outer Worlds.

I feel like an Explorer that is discovering New Dimensions. There are times when I'm working on a piece of art when it seems like I'm trying to break a Secret Code, that there's something trying to be revealed through me, and if I can just get the right combinations of color, form, and movement, I can crack it. When it happens, when I break the code, it's like something precious is released that is both Healing and Revelatory.
it's like something precious is released, something that didn't exist before. A way of Seeing or away of Being.

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I am the Key to the Lock of History
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My Art is a Science.
There is an Energy Source hidden in the colors that pulses and draws you in and then out, in an auric blast of radiance necessary to take you there.
Where you ask?
To the point of departure from our World to "Theirs".
On the journey to the Heart of the Soul's Light.

July 2004