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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Malibu Journal - Summer 2008 

My intention with this on-line journal is to document some of my thinking process as I go about maintaining my website, writing stories, drawing, painting, and the various activities that I have going in my life that I feel may be of interest. I'll use it to post images, excerpts from present and past journals, and a kind of 'behind the scenes' look at my artistic approach.
I'll begin tonight by quoting from a recent entry entitled "Dream Portal" - 
"Through the portal of my Imagination I travel to distant locals on this planet and beyond... To touch and be touched, soul to soul, with others from this and parallel worlds. Searching for communion, love, and adventure, in realities both mundane and fantastic. 
Sometimes I'm not even human or any kind of terrestrial creature, but a principal of  energy/information, or an object in some micro or macro plane of existence.
At these times my perspective shifts and morphs out and away from my familiar sense of self or physical location. I may become Universal Concsiousness or the Eye of Time searching endlessly for Home. Yet mostly it is Wonder that I appear to seek. The one thing that always allows my soul and spirit to exalt within the splendors of the Infinite Imagination.
Yes, it is Wonder that I seek, endlessly...."

And so it is that as an artist I seek to create and re-create these wonders in my work. It is the goal and work/play of my life, to share as much of this as possible, that others may be so touched.

From theZuma Kaltea Gardens Studio -Erial

PART 2 - The Starchild Soul basket