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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Divine Illuminations - 2012 and beyond

The excitement is building for the conference in Mount Shasta, California called, " UFO'S, Ancient Mysteries, and Beyond!" Erial will be presenting his art in a brand new format being produced as we speak! At this point it will be a DVD slide-show-like movie, with music created especially for it by Dov, and other special guest musicians.
Here is a short description of the DVD project to give you an idea of it's scope and intention. It basically consists of a series of  visionary paintings set to music that  build toward a culmination of  metaphysical ideas. 

The Story of Divine Illuminations - 2012 and Beyond
Part 1 - 

As the Earth and it's people go through an Initiation Process and change of Historical Epoch, divinely inspired Cosmic Messages begin to reach a point of culmination and collective activation within the human psyche.

From the Darkness of Unconscious Desires and Primal Programming into the Ultra Consciousness of Higher Worlds and Transcendental Beauty we use our "Celestial Eyes" to see and experience the Inner Nature of the Divine Imagination.

With a bird's eye view we travel into Sacred Temples, are touched by Angels, see Celestial Glyphs (secret writing), and experience Galactic Activations of our hidden Higher Natures.

Part 2 -

Birth of the Universal Being : The Philosopher's Stone incarnate 

The  Soul Purpose and Alchemical Quintessence of this Sacred Quest is the birthing of the Universal Being into Time. This IS the Great Work of the Alchemists and Utopians. Traveling through the ascending stages of our Conscious Evolution we become and transcend each level and bring it with us to the next. To hold the Darkness within us as we open to the Light allows a Transformation  to take place. The Immaterial becomes Material and the Spirit becomes Flesh.

Thus our highest hopes for the future of Humanity is birthed to us in the manifestation of the Star-child as Universal Being.

Come with us now and take the ultimate / intimate journey of a Soul in Time!

- Erial Ali