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Friday, May 17, 2019

Dreams of Time Travel and Self Reflection

Dreams of time travel and self reflection ~

Waking up this morning I remember seeing myself in dreams as a younger man. At various times I would time travel to other points in my life and like a movie watch me interacting with others around me. I kinda fell in love with myself this way because in seeing the innocence I had and the clarity of playful intent, I couldn’t help but understand this young man in ways I’ve long forgotten, unit now! He was in a world of possibilities open from horizon to horizon, no limitations in sight!

Little did he know of course that the imagination was not a toy! And it is closely guarded by the Minions of Time and Trial. Without going through the trial by fire and error could you begin to bring through the treasures of infinite imagination into the everyday world of cause and effect. And yet, he learned it in time well enough to know that it would take him the rest of his life to do justice to the wonders that he’s seen and was still seeing. . . . .