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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Star Codes

Star Codes are Sacred Glyphs from the Galactic Holarchy~
The Codes were given to us by an advanced race of Ultra-Terrestrials long ago, but they were hidden until now. 
Embedded within each Star Code was Hyper-Dimensional energy/information regarding the proximity of our local star and other cosmic messages needed to jumpstart our fledging Galactic Civilization in Awakened Presence.
When placed on specific Grid Lines across the planet they allowed something called the 3rd Sight. Very much like Augmented Reality, but the real deal. People who Gnow how to read the codes can see the energy configurations in the environment. By studying the light patterns created by the inner-activated light codes we can access other senses to see even farther into the Visionary World. Which it turns out, is all around us everywhere, once we can alter our vibrational signatures enough to perceive them.
Indeed all around us, and most specifically around the world on lay lines and other sacred sites, lay the Inner Architectures of the Nu Civilization. 
Entheon (outside of New York) is one such temple structure pulled out of the Ethers to serve as Vision Portals to other domains of being taking us into the next Aeon.

Wed ~ Nov - 21 - 2018