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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Visible Language of Magical Songs

Ultra-Terrestrial sharing the Star Codes Codes to the Seekers of Utopia. (((:::>*<:::)))

The Star Codes are here to assist us in aligning with Galactic Cultures in order to further facilitate the inner transmissions of higher level & soulful technologies for the Conscious Evolution of our species.

In this case a thought-generated doorway is being shared with the two seekers. As it changes form according to the thought patterns they have, they begin to understand the nature of the game being played. The guardian then telepathically gives them another clue.
In order to proceed to the next section of the road leading to the Temples of Etheris they must translate what they see into a song. They will then sing this song back to the temple guardian in such manner as to act as vibrational keys to the door. If the refrain is specific enough of a frequency to unlock the gate-way, then it will be added to the *Omnium's library of Magical Songs.
Another interesting fact is that the seekers staff will remember the song and play it back anytime it is needed if it's master forgets it.

)(- from "In search of Wonder" - )(

*Omnium - The Universal Holographic Library of Infinite Intelligence. (UHLII) In some esoteric literature it is called the Akashic Library 0r Noosphere.

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