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Friday, October 14, 2011

Utopian Dreamseeds

Ultra-Terrestrial sharing the Paradise
Codes unlocking the secrets of the Utopian Dream Seeds. ::: }{ ::: {} ::: }{ ::: )O( ::: }{ ::: {} ::: }{ :::

As we go through the transition from one world epoch to another it is necessary to remain cognizant of the ground situation even as we absorb the new frequencies from our Star Fathers and Mothers. These energies are merely vibrational potential until they are received by various portions of the brain and de-coded into the predominant orientation of the receiver. Each person sees and experiences the levels that their consciousness will allow.( they see what they can handle) For instance an architect will see a fresh design for a building, where as a dancer will see a new dance possibility. As a Celestial Visionary Artist I see a grand story-line spanning the universe and challenging our very notions of reality itself. I also see that our challenge in this generation is to change our world view in record time as our planetary situation grows ever more complex and threatening. To become a galactic species, let alone a universal one, is no easy feat, and yet we are witness to a window of opportunity the likes of which a planet rarely experiences. A super confluence of cosmic alignments are at play that include activations of sacred sites, the opening of dimensional portals, and the possibility of mass telepathy on a global scale. This and much more harkens us to awaken to all of our senses as quickly, but gently as we can, to a new world of potential and action within our chosen disciplines. ::: {+} :::

To be continued...

:::-Starseed Chronicles-:::

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