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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Journal of Enfolded Rapture is the first of 7 possible published journals in which I offer an overview of my life and works. Everything from previous years diary entries, biographical information, and artwork, including both black and white & color pieces for special projects, is up for possible inclusion.
For instance, I found this early description of what I mean by "enfolded rapture" in my 1995 Malibu Journal. It was just after receiving a Sacred Vision of immense artistic import.
"The human mind IS enfolded rapture. Some kind on centrifugal force of inward beauty and fractal intention. I am dumbfounded at the sheer vastness of the human imagination. The utter incomprehensibility of it's hi-ways and bi-ways... ever proceeding and receding into seeming infinities of form. - The ultimate reward of patience and energy conservation is the ability to stalk and trap for oneself Visions of Eden."
(By Visions of Eden I mean the most beatific and astonishing scenes from the Divine Imagination.)
Finally and most importantly I am publishing this journal to keep my momentum high for the Visionary Storybooks that I've been working on for many years.
To be continued....

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