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Friday, August 12, 2011

Ultra Celestial revealed

I usually don't get this excited about an image except when I feel that I've broken ground for myself artistically and see a whole new level emerging. A renewed creativity is part of it, but the main thing is that I know I've gone deeper into the Divine Imagination.
There is a palpable sense that I'm actually entering a "real" domain of being existing in some higher plane of existence. Many times it is a departure of my usual techniques and I feel like I'm free falling into a new reality.
In the case of this image I remember having a dream a few years ago of sitting in a room by a fireplace. Everything was pretty much the usual mundane reality until I looked up at someone sitting across from me. I was awestruck and in aethetic shock. He(she) was so resplendant with living jewels and energy pathways running up and down the body in streams of colored light, that I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And it was like I knew this being somehow. I never forgot this encounter and did several drawings at the time to celebrate the dream-vision. So now as I look at, and work on, this latest Celestial Soul Portrait of my friend Arcturus RA, I realized that the energy muse from the previous dream was coming through me now in this image. I also realized that it took me a while to obtain the skill-set necesary to pull it off at all. Thank God for cellular memory :))

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Cormael Lia said...

absolutely fantastic art-work totally love it!

(by the way, yesterday i was thinking about Mr. Venosa and I don't know why i wondered if he was still alive, and arriving herei read the Alex Grey message you posted)