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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A new breed of Ultra-Celestial

Another great modern mystic and ascended master artist has left our kin. Sir Robert Venosa has become an ancestor. He, along with Alex Grey, assisted my soul's evolution many times and stood in the gap when all was seemingly too dark to continue. This is the power of art that it goes to the very core of our being and strikes a bright light that we may see our inner terrors and face them with courage and fortitude. To make the nightmares and epiphanies into art, and then add them to our collective visionary heritage, is a worthy way to spend our precious time here. To be allowed to see through their eyes and become a new thing by doing so, is to stand on their pioneering strength and move the culture a liitle bit further into the light.

Today after a difficult time of processing Roberto's passing, a new energy came into me that shattered and replaced the slighlty morbid sense of loss. Like a crysalis opening into a neworld I began to see more deeply into my work and took up a project that was slightly stagnant. And I saw once again that the Eternal Imagination always awaits us when we are ready to enter there. I knew with certainty that there is something that can await us, and enter us, that is so soul stirring and blindingly ecstatic that words trail off in the fairy dust of dreams to awaken a kind of 5th dimensional seeing.
I wrote this facebook post after creating a teaser image for the full image that was coming through me so passionately...

Get ready now. A new breed of Ultra-Celestial has entered our sphere. I bring him forward in stages as not to frighten the inner child. It may scare one to think that the intense joy within could be sooo good that you would cry out every day for the Incredible Brightness of Your Being...be ready! Do not turn away. It is true!!!

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