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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tribute to Robert Venosa

In light of the passing of the extraordinary Visionary Master Artist Robert Venosa I wish to share this tribute by Alex Grey.

There is an element of our being that is timeless. No matter what happens to us in our lives, we carry within us a seed of immortality, an eternal flame that transcends the flesh. We burn through our bodies like a candle and shine for our brief duration. Mystics glimpse the heavens beyond the veil of space and time. They see the eternal luminous interconnectedness of all beings and things that undergird our manifest dimension. They recognize the vast, empty openness of the transcendental ground shared by all beings. This is our transhistorical nature. A realm of total creative freedom, ecstatic love and ultimate safety that is our collective Godself. Some artists paint their theophanies, introducing us to our own higher deeper dimensions.

Our friend and Visionary brother, Robert Venosa, has died. Sad news to all in the visionary community for whom he was an inspirational mentor and fountainhead. Roberto's artwork evoked the glistening jewel-like imaginal worlds inhabited by luminous celestial angels, with an utterly unique and finely crafted style. His work became familiar to an international audience through exhibitions and appearances, through his monographs, Manas Manna, Noospheres, and Illuminatus, through countless magazine and newspaper articles, plus his web presence. Many came to know him through the classes in "Painting the Fantastic" that he co-taught with his beloved partner, the distinguished artist, Martina Hoffmann. Venosa was a much sought-after keynote speaker at festivals and congresses of like-minded visionaries. He introduced H.R. Giger to Salvador Dali. He studied painting with the late great Mati Klarwein and the venerable Ernst Fuchs, later exhibiting with them as peers. Bridging the world-wide Visionary Art community, Venosa was an emissary of the power of imagination, a courageous artist willing to declare that his visions had sometimes been catalyzed by psychedelics. We send healing prayers to all that suffer from the loss of Roberto, especially his family and dear Martina who devotedly gave herself to his care.

We love you, Roberto. We bet heaven looks just like you painted it!

Each year, before the August Full Moon ceremony we honor members with a special meeting and barbecue. This Saturday, at 4PM, Alex and Allyson will lead a tour of CoSM highlighting the improvements and visions. Come early to the Full Moon on Saturday, become a member of CoSM and take a stand for Visionary Culture. Together our community will co-create the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.


Alex and Allyson

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