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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Underneath the flesh of existence is an Eternal Soul here for a purpose.
Paying attention through time one can begin to see and experience that which is missing. It is the soul's purpose to create and become that missing piece.
In it's unmanifest perfection it yearns to feel this perfection in physical form,
so it spends a lifetime attempting to find it.

This yearning for wholeness is the same motivation for the artist who uses his tools to describe this process.
Like chipping away the stone to free the perfect form, the true artist sculpts their vision.

In the end it can only be an approximation, and yet this work can be the "Work of Ages" if consistantly approached with sincerity and perserverance.

- Erial's bedside journal Nov 08


Your life is an ascending wave of purpose and possibility!
It yearns, burns, and is earned to be told!
It is the Universal Story - out of the darkness of limited belief and negative focus & into the light of inifnite potentials realized!
the Uni-Verse (the One song) becoming conscious of itself.
Endlessly returning in the living spiral of your destiny fulfilling itself endlessly.
Conscious Evolution Incarnate!

- Erial's bedside journal Dec 08

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